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About Us

The Brand. The Mentality. The Culture. STAY GREEDY epitomizes a commitment to being extraordinary. As a company, we’re never satisfied with simply “making it through our day”, but rather, we view every moment as an opportunity to reach audacious goals. This intentionality, and our desire to positively impact people in every community, has produced a collection that inspires you to elevated levels of performance, in sport and in life. Wear STAY GREEDY with pride, knowing that this is more than a brand, it’s your mindset.

Our Mission

STAY GREEDY is the mentality brand, looking to eradicate mediocrity in all aspects of athletic performance. STAY GREEDY rejects average, and inspires extraordinary. As we build our brand and promote our message, we’ll use our platform to support youth sport organizations across the United States.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where the desire to be exceptional is the norm for all, and where each of us is inspired to greatness. STAY GREEDY believes this to be a realistic objective, and is committed to building our brand focused on execution. Quality apparel, enhanced mentality and extraordinary results. At STAY GREEDY, we’re changing the way we all think about sports’ performance. 

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